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Achieve compliance

ORO.FC.105 describes under (b) and (c) some requirements to be allowed to operate an aircraft as PIC/Commander. The core of this regulation is adequate knowledge of the respective regional differences in airspace, the local airports, the infrastructure and the procedures to be used. In summary: You have to have sufficient route and aerodrome competence and maintain it either through active flights in the region or through appropriately certified training.

Qualify crews

Due to ever more precise regulations, airspace optimization and more modern systems, the requirements regarding the preparation for individual flights continue to grow. Support your crews with a series of training courses created by flying experts that cover all relevant aspects of the respective airspace in a compact and concise manner.

Table of contents

The following topics are covered in the training:

  • Geography

  • Weather & climate

  • Air Traffic General

  • Routes & Track System (if existent)

  • Alternate Airports

  • Separation Rules

  • Contingency Procedures

  • Operational Aspects, e.g. handling, IFPB etc.

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North Atlantic / NAT HLA

Bring Mr. Charles Lindbergh back to life, who led today's pilots first across the Atlantic. Show him today's modern airspace.

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Africa / AFI

Tina travels through Africa and meets Emmanuel - a local aviator. Together they exchange views on the special features of African airspace.

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Far East / ASIA

They switch to long-haul and meet Captain Dieter, who is about to retire. He will brief you on everything about flying to Asia. And even more...

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South Atlantic / SAM

Your favorite colleague is late for his Rodizio invitation but patiently explains some things to remember before your first trip to South America begins.

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Pacific / PAC

The company is calling you on a special mission - the Pacific route. Together with your colleague, you prepare for what awaits you between Vancouver and Tokyo on your deadhead flight.

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You've applied for a new job up north. During your OCC, a famous aviator will introduce you to the North Pole region...

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With our high-quality and compact web-based training courses, you can easily train and certify your crews. All courses are methodically and didactically structured according to the latest scientific findings and are constantly updated. They are available to you on your learning management system or after a few clicks in our online academy.

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