We combine e-training perfectly with other training techniques.

We support you in boosting the share of e-training in your organization and in finding the perfect mix.

Blended Learning.

Blended learning means combining the advantages of
e-training with those of other forms of learning. We support you in using overlaps profitably and in defining the limits in a reasonable way.


Facts, regulations & procedures can be learned at individual learning speed, flexible in time & place. Modern interactive elements allow for any previous knowledge to be addressed, so that even large, heterogeneous groups can be standardized to a high degree through our

Social Learning.

The social aspect of a team event or seminar is an important component for employee identification. A combination of e-training and face-to-face events enables employees to develop holistically, thus securing the basis for a successful company.

Hands-on training.

With perfect theoretical preparation, you can take the next steps successfully right from the start, e.g. when operating a complex machine or using software. At the same time, you benefit from the hands-on training from the culture and experience of your colleagues.


Employees and organizations make both, experiences & mistakes. These must be lived through and processed. In order to maintain a standard once achieved, it is necessary to refresh knowledge continuously - especially when employees are needed in rarely occurring dangerous or emergency situations. For this purpose, optimally coordinated e-learning programs with selected focal points are available as digital companions all year round.