Our Learning Management System organizes your training.

You take care of real challenges or sit back and relax.

Flexible learning and training.

With our LMS, trainings and expiration dates are always and everywhere available. Intuitive controls allow an uncomplicated training experience for everyone. In addition, the LMS offers exclusive features for users, e.g. exchange with experts and knowledge bearers.

Intuitive monitoring of the training organization.

With our LMS you are able to view results and training progress at any time. Through innovative features such as the automatic generation of certificates, we relieve the administration and simplify the management of the training. Your training organizes itself!

Easy management - high transparency.

We attach great importance to serving your individual wishes in the best possible way. With our LMS, you decide how you organize your team, while retaining full flexibility in terms of content and costs. We provide you with customized training programs or add your own content - just as you wish.

The advantages of our LMS for you and your team.

User & Trainees

I like the LMS from acep e-training

  • because of the intuitive interface

  • because of the possibility to learn and train at a flexible time and place

  • because the platform and content can be accessed on all devices and operating systems

  • because of the unlimited availability of the trainings 

  • since an exchange with knowledge bearers is possible

  • because it supports all common file formats (e.g. videos, CBT/WBT, audios, documents, websites, games, VR etc.)

Admin & Support

My daily work is made easier by

  • automatable management of recurrent training including reminder function for participants

  • central administration of participants, groups, courses and content

  • administration and planning of classroom and online courses (blended learning)

  • the automatic generation of certificates and their intelligent management as part of the personnel file

  • intuitive implementation of previous certificates, qualifications and licenses

  • various instruments for reporting or monitoring, e.g. learning progress etc.


Important to me:

  • a holistic approach to increase employee value throughout the organization

  • the efficiency gain in employee development through the optimal embedding of e-training

  • a transparent cost model - scalable, flexible and therefore easy to budget

  • the optimal administration of trainers and function holders

  • the possibility of rapid standardization of personnel

  • the easiest way to create your own courses and learning paths 

  • a possibility to use own contents as well as the import of third-party contents

  • a question pool management including e-testing and evaluation of trainees

  • statistics to support evidence-based training

  • can be conveniently linked to a resource planning tool via an interface


We will not compromise and require:

  • state-of-the-art server technology

  • a server hosted in Germany

  • data and user security

  • automated mail and notification management