Low Visibility Operations - LVTO & CAT II/III

Low Visibility Operations - LVTO & CAT II/III

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This course provides deep knowledge regarding low visibility operations and procedures for cockpit personnel. You get to know Carl and Olivia who performed a flight together from Hamburg to Munich a while ago and are now summarizing what they experienced on their way towards the fog. Participants of this course get to focus on all relevant low visibility topics and - if desired - additional background information from experienced aviators.

This training is based on the following regulations:

• EU-Regulation 1178/2011
• EASA ATPL Syllabus
• EASA AIR OPS, Part-CAT (former EU-OPS 1) 

If you want to utilize this WBT as part of your LOVIS certification, you can either produce the relevant operator specifics yourself or we can work it out together. Just send us an e-mail to office.etraining@acepgroup.de


LVP & LVO definitions, rules & requirements
Preflight Operations (NOTAM, MEL/HIL, planning minima)
Characteristics of fog / precipitation
Airborne equipment / system failures
Ground equipment / system failures
Aerodrome operating minima
RVR assessment / critical & sensitive areas
DH based on Radio Altimeters / correct use of navigational charts
Seating & eye position
Visual aids on ground
LVTO - rules / performance / cabin / take-off alternate

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