RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum - ab 04/23

RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum - ab 04/23

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As the RVSM airspace and its related procedures require close collaboration between pilots and controllers, you will get to know all that is necessary from both perspectives. This WBT delivers profund knowledge about pre-flight requirements, normal & abnormal procedures as well as the proper communication skills.

This training is based on the following regulations:

• Guidance Material Eurocontrol RVSM Certification for Aircraft 2014
• Guidance Material on the Implementation of RVSM airspace ICAO 2001
• ICAO Document 7030 aus 2008
• Easy Access Rules for Air Operations EASA 965/2012


RVSM airspace
• Introduction & requirements

Flight procedures:
• Flight planning
• Actions during pre-flight phase
• Actions prior RVSM entry
• Actions during RVSM Ops
• Abnormal & contingency procedures
• Reporting
• Radio Telephony Phraseology

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