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Our new GRF course is available now

What's the news at RCAM, RWYCC and RCR?

Our new GRF training will tell you.

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Cooperation with Lufthansa Systems

For an optimum training result, we are now using the Lido Route Manual in our WBT.

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Dangerous Goods

From 01.01.23 CBTA applies

We are currently developing CBTA-compliant dangerous goods training courses for all activities on the airside: interactive, ultra-modern and the content can be completely adapted to your operations.

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flight hours experience

Get to know our team and discover our philosophy.

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Digital training for aviation and even more.

Digital training for aviation and all industries that want to benefit from our expertise.

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We use storylines to put the trainees at the center of our trainings. We actively involve you and thus maintain motivation even with complex topics. Practical examples and memorable contexts make our trainings

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In our sample WBT you will get an insight into our e-training.

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Aus unseren Kursen spricht unsere Begeisterung für modernes Training. Sie überzeugen durch einen eigenen Charactermix mit verschiedenen Gestaltungselementen - die Erfüllung behördlicher Vorgaben ist bei uns selbstverständlich. Gerne erstellen wir Ihnen ein maßgeschneidertes Angebot für Ihren Bedarf!

Intuitive and automated organization with our LMS.

With our Learning Management System you organize your crews, trainings and certificates. This allows you to keep track of the status quo fully automatically.

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Blended Learning.

Thanks to our modern blended learning concept, we support you in finding the right size of e-training and integrating it optimally into your existing processes.

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Sustainable from head to toe.

Invest in sustainable cooperate learning & reduce your ecological footprint at the same time. 
Our e-training significantly reduces travel expenses and uses around 95% green electricity


courses are available on a wide range of topics.


certificates per year


flight hours experience

With hanseatic calmness.

A good team is the secret for successful products. Get to know the team. 

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